Odd Love (The Soulmate)

A bright divine light I have glanced in the dark

And now hypnotised I’m going to it unable to stop

All birds around singing, trees quiver with joy

Beneath my feet flowers bloom, cover the Earth

The heaven above opened its gates in the skies

And silver-winged angels are guiding my path

The sweet smell of earth is flooding my lungs

And I can’t stop walking to this magical light  


What a wonderful feeling, never felt this before

Torrents of joy and emotions are filling my soul

I can understand what the birds’ song is about

I recognise the language in which nature talks

No, can’t walk as a person, I fly and I float above ground

Out of control the bewildered beat of my treasonous heart

The wind combs my hair, like a mother kisses my cheeks

It whispers ancient powerful secrets in my interested ears

I kneel at your feet …

I finally found you, in rejoice is my adrift soul

Been looking for you since the day I was born

And now that you’re here I won’t let no one

To keep us apart and destroy what we have

Yes, you’re not perfect, the one from my dreams

Your skin does not smell like the roses in spring

Your face is not shining like the moon in the skies

And your hair doesn’t harbour the glittering stars

Yes, you’re not flawless, ideal is a mythical dream

Our love is a tough one, we shout, and we scream

You face and your body, what you do is all wrong

But when I’m with you, nothing else I want more

And all that I need I can find in your dazzling eyes

Where the fountain of wisdom has its magical rise

There’s the gateway to the mystical fairy-tale world

Where rivers of honey nurture my lost starving soul 


No, it’s not in your neat perfection sanctuary I seek

Is not your spotless nature that’ll have me released

Our love is a battle, disasters, lots of anger and pain

But you’re still the one I’d risk all to keep in the end

Won’t let venomous daemons to destroy this weird love

No, won’t let them convince me you’re not quite the one

Won’t listen to them when they lurk in the fog and dark

With treacherous spiteful deceits meant to tear us apart

You’re not the one I have dreamed of, not the one I’ve envisaged

What you are it’s all quirky and you battle your own daemons

Still if you’d wish to fight for us too I’ll gladly take any chance

For only you can show me who I am and what I still need to learn


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