Road to Freedom (Another Resolution)

No matter how hard and painful it may be

No matter how unhappy it may make me

Won’t let anyone and anything to break and destroy me inside

Won’t let anyone and anything to change for the worse my life

What doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger, I hear they say

And I won’t be killed, won’t let anyone win this open debate

No matter how cruel and unfair my fate and the world at one moment may feel

I promise myself to try and remain just the same:

Much wiser, but very pure and innocent at heart and soul

For that’s in the end the only thing that’s worth living for

All our goals and purposes are shallow and trivial in this tiny existence

Imagined by the human weaknesses to keep us anchored to this senseless living

All the little things, false dreams, self-programmed hopes we have at one point

Are mere barren illusions to break our wings and limit our growth.

We run after money, we chase after fame, we crave for approval and acceptance

We desperately hunger to have everybody’s genuine love and involved attention

But by doing so, we often become blind to what we already have that’s even more precious:

True love, true friendship, acceptance by the ones who truly care about us and who truly matter

And I will no longer try to fix this entire world by myself

‘Cos that’s what heroes do and that’s what’s expected of me as well

Won’t sacrifice all I am for a world that not even cares

And all that it cares is to make me a soulless piece of a mindless herd

Won’t take anyone’s burdens to bear, ‘cos they think that I should

I’m not a saint, not a martyr, not superhero in this damaged world

Everyone must fight their blood battles and daemons on their own

No one should await salvation through anyone else’s sacrifice, this concept is wrong.

I didn’t come in this world to dance on everyone’s beat just to make them incredibly happy

And nobody should expect to fulfil their dreams and wishes though my deliberate actions

I’m not here to be a mindless puppet or a slave, a mere possession for somebody’s pride and vicious pleasures

I didn’t ask to be born, and I’d rather hadn’t been if my fate was to be locked up and chained in a castle of treasures

No, I don’t want to be a soulless thing to be used for somebody else’s wicked aims and completions

Won’t sacrifice myself for somebody else’s “greater good” and be reward with painful frustrations

If I would be unhappy, and many like me would suffer in silence just for the sake of the others

This world’s path is directed straight towards hell, our lives will never get better. 

And all that truly matters in this pointless living is the truth and the knowledge

Let all illusions die and allow the unhindered clear mind yet again be awoken

Let all mental and soul barriers be pierced and broken in thousands of pieces

And let the long-awaited unlimited freedom be finally grasped and delivered

Today’s the beginning of me braking free from the one I was born as a human

Full of flaws and a head filled with needs, false dreams and deceptive illusions

Today’s the beginning of discovering my true nature, the one that’s free from all these worldly constrains

Today I’m breaking the sealing that’s holding me back from achieving enlightenment and living my fate

Today is the day I unlock the lead-heavy door to my soul and I start to explore

What it can learn and what it can do if allowed to express itself free on its own

Today is the day when I rise in joy above it all in this world and loudly declare:

No more self-sacrifice, no more making impressions, no more bending in chains


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