Ice-Cold (Avenging Angel)


My fallen angel, I deeply loved you once

Bright sunny days felt endless in my mistful life

My dearest one, that love I had for you

Was meant only for Gods, so beautiful and pure

In bliss and awe I gave you all my soul and heart

Trusted you’re mine, the precious person I deified

But when the moment came you proved me right

You run away, went looking for some other prize

And you didn’t care!

You didn’t care my heart was broken

You didn’t care that I was hurt

You didn’t care I wept and cried

You only cared about some stupid prize

And soon I realized you not the one I fell in love once with

Then when I first saw you that gorgeous sunny day we met

Your perfect soul, a marvelous illusion I can no longer see

A mere foul creature in its place is only what’s now left of it

And now it’s time for me to face some awful truth

To see real rottenness beneath that perfect gloss

It’s time to go away and get on with my life again

And leave behind the dreaming for some real pain

Today I’m cold enough to break away from you for good

To finally end the vicious circus we’re struggling through

I’m cold enough to end this mess, in sorrow understand

No more than a soulless toy to you it’s what I always am


Don’t tell me that you love me now

I don’t believe one word

Don’t cry and say you want me back

Your charm no longer works

The tears of rue won’t help you now

They’ll never smash that wall

A solid structure you built from scratch

With pieces of my heart

And you tell me I spoil your life

By leaving you all alone

But you forget that in the end

You did it on your own

Now it’s my time to play around

To break your heart and see you cry

Now it’s my time to truly live

And show you what real pain is

Now it’s my time to play with you

My heart’s ice-cold to pull it through

No mercy you can assume from me

You don’t deserve such thing

Whilst you were looking for something new

You lost your priceless gift

You lost the love you thought as yours

Believing you owned it

And it’s just fair!

It’s fair to ask for my revenge

When it’s so much you’ve made me bear

It’s fair to want to see you cry

For you’re the one who spoiled my life

Why should you gather all the laurels?

And all the happy days?

Why should you have it all in life?

My heart feels now enraged

Now we must right the wrong again

And you must get what’s yours

It’s I the one to bring you down

I’ll make sure that you crawl

And even if you’d still have it all

At least you won’t have me

I wish you luck to find someone

To love you as much as me

I could’ve been you saving angel

A zealous guardian of your soul

You chose the path of foul deception

I’ll make your judgement raw

No, you don’t want me think of you

For you’ll end up in tears

I can’t believe myself sometimes

How vicious I can be

But you destroyed my innocence

You messed up with my soul

Once I believed in rainbow’s chase

This part of me is long gone

No, someone has to pay the price

And this time it shall be you

It’s time to make you see your crime

It’s time for justice due


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