Outside is pouring down the rain

Inside is really cold

And sitting on the floor alone

I slip and start to fall

Outside, my room is full of stuff

Inside, a huge abyss

A place so hollow and so dark

Confused got lost in it

I was a cheerful little one

I knew what happy means

But now it’s only gloom and grim

That’s howling inside me

How did I come to be like this?

What happened to my life?

I can’t remember what it was

How has it all begun?

One day I was a happy one

The next day just depressed

Can’t still quite figure it all now

The reason for all this

I listen to the rain and think

I hear the cries within

The room is cold in silent still

But not quite quiet still

So many voices in my head

I wish they wouldn’t speak

Outside is peaceful, but inside

Is hell on earth for me

I wish I wasn’t now alone

I wish someone was here

Now it’s my brain that only talks

He’s not too kind to me

I listen to the rain and cry

I think about my life

When was that time I lost myself?

The one I can’t now find?


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