Why do I have to live this way?

Why would I want it also?

Why would I let somebody else

To teach me how to thrive?

They always tell me I do wrong

They always point the finger

Why wouldn’t they leave me alone

To walk on my own road?

Why do I always have to listen

What they all want from me?

Why can’t I finally break free

And do what’s right for me?

I always let them talk too much

I let them bully me

I let them take my life away

And shatter it in pieces

Enough of this!

How dare you tell me how to live?

How dare you make the claim?

From the both of us you are the one

More deserving and unstained

Your words have filled my soul with rage

You can go straight to hell

And though no sounds are coming out

This echo’s in my head

A new decision I have made

Can’t take such things no more

The life I ought to live for you

Is chocking my own soul

Don’t need to prove I am the best

Don’t need to buy your love

When deep inside’s just one warm home

The only thing I want

Today is when I say no more

Today I break this lock

Today is when I become deaf

To everything you talk

I had enough, I have it full

It’s time to come to light

Today’s the day I care no more

My life becomes now mine

I’ll find the courage in myself

To finally say no

Remember this, I’m not your slave

Can’t tell me to conform

Today I let you speak and speak

I hear your words no more

Today’s the day I start to live

And leave behind the old


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