A sad farewell!

Good bye my love, it’s time to go

We lived a dream, but now is gone

Good bye my love, for never was it meant to be

The ruthless world we live in keeps you away from me

The beauty of this world we tried to see

Absorbing every of its miracles in pious deem

We chased the rainbows and the butterflies

Believing one day our dreams can come to life

As children we’re assured without a trace of doubt

This world is full of fairies and wonders we could one day find

We’re told that’s nothing in this world we cannot do

The sky’s the limit and each of our dreams can actually come true

But that’s not true! …

We soon grow up, real pure and happy in our little hearts

Quite unaware one day we’ll hit our head on harsh reality and painfully wake up

And time for dreaming‘s over and “nothing we can’t do” is quite a boundless lot

For living in this world we have to pay a heavy price in kind

And you’re allowed to dream, but not to live your dreams

And you’re allowed to fly, but only when you’re deep asleep

Coercively enforced right love and filial duty’s a hidden slavery

And this world’s genuine hell. My God, what have we done to it?!

And though I cannot stay away, I also can’t be there with you

Though I can’t think quite straight, I can’t allow my heart fly free

For it between us is a vicious demon ocean full of pain and blood

That sets the rules and makes the cold selection of who should live or die

Good bye my love, the time has come

To play their game and stay alive

For all bright colours in the sky

Are mere products of our mislead mind

And the real life is much too cruel and gray

As the dark, oppressive walls of prison cells

With rusty bars at windows, heavy chains at hands and feet

The freedom of our spirit and true love’s just a fragile dream 

Good bye my love, it’s time for me to go

It’s nothing we can do to change this world

And when you yourself accept your chains

Our love is doomed to die without a trace of chance!


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